The regular N 262nd meeting of #Arare took place in the City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan. The participants of the event were present Armen Davtyan's book presentation "The Sumerian Agricultural Guide is in Armenian", which is dedicated to study the famous Sumerian agricultural cuneiform text attributed to the 13th century.
The editors of the book, Hrachik Hakobjanyan and Arthur Armin made speeches. They talked about the book. This work is a continuation of Armen Davtyan's "Armenian-Sumerian Dictionary", where the author presents more than 2000 words and roots belonging to the general vocabulary. In this book, the author introduces himself not to the analysis, interpretation or translation of the well-known text of the Sumerian scholar "The Farmer's Guide", but to his own reading in Armenian.
According to the speakers, in the present work, Armen Davtyan, strictly preserves the best traditions of about 200 years of scientific and comparative linguistic achievements, has achieved scientific results through systematic etymological research, which together with his previous works complete the assessment of the Armenian-Sumerian linguistic commonalities: as historical stages of the Armenian language, and Sumerian as the historical period of the early Armenian language, which developed into a written language transition to the spread of this historically important discovery in academic circles.
The author of the book made a speech at the end of the event.

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