“Central Library after Av. Isahakyan” the 15th branch library after Kh. Gyulnazaryan of SNCO

  The main aim of the library is to implement the cultural activity, the informational serving of the library for population of the Yerevan City, the elucidation and the mass of science and culture, the knowledge distribution of the technical science, the aesthetic education, the activity of the educational system promotion, the using of the books and printed materials and the other endures of the fund of the library, the elucidation and the spread of the political, the Armenian and global literature, the history, the cultural and the other values, the library is provided education of the political, the moral and aesthetic, the development of the professional quality, in organizing leisure time of the population, the cultivating of the new ways of the library methods and services, the increasing and the maintaining of the funds, the organizing of the science methodical works, the cultural , the science values and the charitable the cooperation with the national and international countries.

The 15th branch after Av. Isahakyan was established in 1958. Formerly was called number 24 the mass library. In 1980, after the creating Isahakyan Central library system it became the youth section of the library. In 1998, on December 14, according to the decision of the mayor of Yerevan City the 15th youth section named in honor of the famous writer Khajak Gyulnazaryan. From 1958 to 1994 the head of the library had been Liza Chagharyan. But Susanna Sosoyan had been the head of the library since 1994.
Head of the library: Susanna Sosoyan Address: Sayat-Nova Street, 37
Email: yerevancclbranch15yahoo.com
Working days/ hours: from Monday to Friday at 09:00 till 17:00, on Saturday at 10:00 till 16:00
Day off: on Sunday

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