How to Get to Library

“The city Central Library after Av. Isahakyan” is situated on Nalbandyan 4/1 street.

Working Hours

Library works from Monday to Friday at 09:00-17:00
                                              On Saturday at 10:00-16:00

Our Address

Armenia, Yerevan, Nalbandyan 4/1
Phone:  (+374 10) 58-96-10
    (+374 10) 58-96-10
    (+374 10) 56-15-66
    (+374 10) 56-13-72
    (+374 10) 56-13-83

How to Register

Any resident of Yerevan city can become a member of the library(without age restriction). It is not necessary to work somewhere or to be a student of the university. Preschool and school age children are also can become a member of the library and at the same time to use library services. Children under 16 years can be registered based on the documents submitted by parents or guardians (birth certificate, photo, passport). People living in the regions of Republic of Armenia should represent appropriate references in order to be able to use library collections(the copy of working contract, reference and photo). For registering in the library and getting readers' card it is necessary to bring with you a passport and one photo.After registration you will be able to use the library databases, as well as various services.Through the website you can order books and needed subjects with your card number.
For more information,please contact:
(374 10) 56 13 83 (374 10) 56 13 72 (374 10) 56 13 66

How to Use the Library

Visiting the library you can read sectors of books, articles of magazines or adapted books. The librarian can help for finding the necessary topic. You can use the computers of the library and also take part in organized courses at the library.

If you want to get more information about how to use the library learn more here.:

Visiting the website of the library you can:

>  Search and find the necessary literature through the schedule  
>  Enquire about the further courses by visiting monthly schedule of courses

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