About Us

    The aim of the Children’s department is to shape reading culture and love towards    books among children and satisfy their needs. The service is realized based on    individual and group methods, considering child’s psychology, age and preferences.

   The section realizes the following:
       • Provides library service for preschool and school children,
       • Establishes connections between schools, colleges, gymnasiums and kindergartens with the aim of cooperation and provision of necessary literature for their educational programs,
       • Engages the active members of the library into the events organized in the library,
       • The book fund is always supplemented by new and colorful books.
       • There are audiovisual and game materials, which give the opportunity to make children’s routine more interesting with the help of games, children’s movie and cartoon screenings, story hours and other means,
       • Organizes themed book exhibitions,
       • Organizes themed educational events, meetings with children’s authors and interesting people, book presentations, etc.,
       • Organizes fairy tale reading and cartoon screening every Friday,
       • The section hosts “Blossoms” studio led by painter-children’s author Liparit Sargsyan and “Isahakyan” drama club.

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