About Us

    The Technical Library Service of City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan is situated at Tigran Mets 30. There are about 20 000 pieces of literature in the section. The 80% of the literature is divided into sections (technical literature)-Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Radio Engineering, Law, Psychology, Pedagogy, Economics, as well as fiction in Armenian and Russian languages. The Reading Hall is equipped with informational literature-encyclopedias, directories, dictionaries. There are alphabetical, class and title catalogues with the help of which the reader can fully get acquainted with the book fund. Exhibitions dedicated to the anniversaries are also organized. We have class catalogue for the press articles, due to which you can satisfy your interest and get acquainted with materials published in the media on different dates. There are diverse classes of readers. Our patrons are employees, students, schoolchildren, retired people and housewives.

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