Literature Recruitment and Development Department of City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan

    The main objective of the Literature recruitment and development department is    shaping a uniform literature fund for the branch libraries and providing scientifically    grounded literature recruitment, as well as the detection of the literature through    directories and card catalogues. Special attention is paid to the recruitment of the    professional literature funds of the Central Library, taking into consideration the readers’ specialization, preferences, interests, demands and refusals. The activities of the section are the following:
      • Organizes current and reverse recruitment of the uniform literature fund,
      • Composes effective plans for the recruitment and supervises their implementation,
      • Organizes the activities related to acquiring books, audiovisual materials, informative and bibliographical materials for the library literature fund ,
      • Performs activities related to the development of the uniform literature fund,
      • Provides the creation of card catalogues, manages central, joint and donation card catalogues and their editing
      • Performs the technical development of the newly received literature
      • Provides practical support for the branch libraries of the system in literature fund recruitment and development issues.

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