About Us

   The role of the Methodology department is to manage the structural subdivisions of the City Central Library and library branches, to help to improve the services of the library, to determine how effectively the resources of the library are being used. The main functions of the section are:

      • Assistance in Library Methodology issues, in annual reports of the subdivisions of the Central Library,
      • Research and analysis in different fields of library, compilation of methodical assignments, delivery of methodical letters to make the wok more content-oriented,
      • Development and implementation of new methods related to the management of reading activities and resource usage,
      • Frequent visits to the subdivisions of the Central Library and library branches, supervision of professional library work, professional consulting, assignments, suggestions, organization of best practice exchange and dissemination through consulting seminars and courses,
      • Organization of methodical support to other libraries regardless of their affiliation,
      • Making and analysis of different sociological questionnaires,
      • Analysis of the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual key indicators of the Central Library,
      • Summery and analysis of the annual statistic data of structural subdivisions of the Central Library.

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