1.Patrons can get free information about the materials included in the collections of the library.
2.To get library membership a passport is needed with registration in Yerevan and a photo 3x4
3.The patrons without Yerevan registration passports can use the reading hall, and in case they present references, they can also check out books from the service section.
4.Children under 16 are registered with the documents from their parents.
5.Rare and valuable books, directories, books acquired through interlibrary loans department are provided only at the reading hall.
6.Patrons are required to act according to the library service and collection usage rules.
7.In case of any damage to the collection of the library or property the patrons are required to restore the collection or the piece of property in damage or compensate this damage according to the current market values.
8.In case of breaking library usage rules, the patron will bear the responsibility as required by law.


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