The "Russian Center" was opened in 2020 on September 18 as a result of cooperation between "Dom Moskvy" cultural center in Yerevan and City Central IsahakyanLibrary.
The Russian Center aims to deepen cooperation between the Government of Moscow and Yerevan Municipality, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia to support Russian language teaching programs in Armenia, to promote modern Russian education system, to spread trueinformation about Russia’s and Moscow’s cultural life by strengthening intercultural dialogue between peoples.
The Russian Center is a library rich withmoderntechnology, which provides access to a wide range of Russian historical and cultural heritage. Abundant collections of literature are available for the visitors of the center, among them newsletters, fictionandprofessional literature, official publications, Russian education and visual materials, e-books and magazines, which can be viewed right now online. The Center organizes its services based on the principles of transparency and publicity.
Admission to the "Russian Center" is free for everyone.
The online library will have regularly updated digital databases, which will be free for all visitors.
The events organized by the "Russian Center" are aimedto promote Russian culture, the Russian language, the deepening of the Armenian-Russian friendly ties and the development of the cultural-business dialogue between Moscow-Yerevan, Russia-Armenia. The visitors can take part inpublic talks, seminars, speaking clubs, exhibitions, movie screenings and free courses for people with different levels of knowledgethe Russian language.

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