During my whole life library has been my second home, while in a foreign country, especially in Venice, the       first one.The fact that the first public library in the city is named after me, makes me very happy. I have always       considered book as a shrine, while library as a unique sanctuary. I will do my best in order to be felt the breath of       Armenian literature in your library.I wish your library a long and good way. Let it be as eternal, as the book.


Argam Ayvazyan's books' presentation titled: "Nakhijevan: Illustrated Encyclopedia" and "Aristakes Zargaryan"more >>>

Gusan Haykazuni's songbook's presentation titled: "Join us Armenians"more >>>

Satenik Mkrtchyan's book's presentation titled :"The burnt zodiac "more >>>

Lecture titled: "The System of Armenian Dishes"more >>>

Mkrtich Kheranyan's book's presentationmore >>>

Swiss writer Benjamin Constant's novel's presentationmore >>>

"Meditation"more >>>

"Wings of poetry"more >>>

"Library Donation"more >>>

" If Everyone " by Michael Poghosyanmore >>>

Lessons of National dancesmore >>>

"Hovhannes Aivazovsky 200" and "Mariam Aslamazian 110"more >>>

Dear BC readermore >>>

"Science and Culture"more >>>

“The Legacy of the Armenians of Mkhitaryan Union in the World Culture”more >>>

The exhibition of ASALA ...more >>>

A meeting with a director of "Armenian Fund of Culture", poet, painter, translator Arevshat Avagyanmore >>>

Announcementmore >>>

Presentation titled : 'Spiritual pray' by Sevil Arakelyanmore >>>


Argam Ayvazyan's books' presentation titled: "Nakhijevan: Illustrated Encyclopedia" and "Aristakes Zargaryan"more >>>

Library Tourmore >>>

Presentation of the book “Armenians, get united” by Gusan Haykazunmore >>>

Library Tourmore >>>

The beginning of one more cooperation...more >>>

Library Tourmore >>>

Devoted to a poet, prose writer, public figure Avetik Isahakyanmore >>>

Felix Bakhchinyan's books' presentation titled: "The Knight of Hope and Faith", " Nahapet " and "Fadey Tachat Sargsyan"more >>>

"Autumn rhythms"more >>>

Library Tourmore >>>

Mari Barseghyan-Khanjyan 's book's presentation titled:"Creation"- "The ark of salvation"more >>>

Library Tourmore >>>

Library Tourmore >>>

A lecture titled: "The System of Armenian Dishes"more >>>

A meeting with ARLOOPA Inc.more >>>

Rewardmore >>>

A meeting with Lebanese-Armenian writer Salbi Kyurkchyan-Tashchyanmore >>>

In memory of the master...more >>>

Benjamin Constant's novel's presentation titled: "Adolphe"more >>>

Certificates of honormore >>>

125th anniversary of 20th-century Russian poetess Marina Cvetayevamore >>>

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