Arpi Maghakyan's book presentation "Sun Kissed Shushi" took place in the hall of the City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan.
This is not an ordinary fairy tale, this is both fiction and reality, with the unity of which we approach the truth. This is a true fairy tale. Here is the invention of Mesropean letters, the first Armenian Christian school Amaras, the ancient Artsakh giant Tanjri tree and of course, the heroine of the fairy tale, the sun-kissed girl Shushi.
The author started the meeting with an interesting conversation, immediately transporting the children to a fairy-tale world. Presenting the tale, Arpi talked about the adventures of the heroine Shushi. Together with the readers, excerpts from the book were read and took place a discussion. The event was attended by students of Yerevan schools 107 and 119, accompanied by teachers and parents.

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