As of 2022 August the new received books of “The city Central Library after Av. Isahakyan”.

In this section you can get to know the schedule of new received books. Beforehand call phone by this phone number (+374 10)56-13-83 for ordering the book.

Hoag, T.-Secrets to the grave
Hoag, T.-The 9th girl
McClure, K-Wildcard
Cussler, C, Brown, G.-The pharaoh’s secret
Dickens, Ch.-Little Dorrit
Sparks, N.-A walk to remember
Steel, D.-Rogue
Collins, S.-Gregor and the curse of the…
Collins, S.-Gregor and the prophecy of bane
Collins, S.-Gregor and the marks of secret
Collins, S.-Gregor and the code of claw
Hayder, M.-Hanging hill
Hoag, T.-Cry wolf
Adams, R.-Watership down
Chottin, A.-Little kangaroo finds his way
Chottin, A.-A home for little turtle
Chottin, A.-Beaver gets lost
Pepin, M.-Brave little fox
Woon, Y.-Dead beautiful
Browne, R. G.-Whisper in the dark
Alcott, L. M.-Little women
Greenwood, M-Real-size baby animals
Clement, C.-The hungry duckling
Burdett, J.-Bangkok tattoo
Kellerman, J.-The murderer’s daughter
Patterson, J., Paetro, M.-16th seduction
Patterson, J., Ellis, D.-The murder house
Mills, K.-Robert Ludlum’s TM: the utopia…
Chottin, A.-The curious little dolphin
Pepin, M.-Little puppy saves the day
Wilsdon, Ch.-Zebras
Bardhan-Quallen, S.-The mine-o-saur
Disney year book 2006
Disney’s princess collection: love and …
Wellington, M.-Apple farmer Annie
Braybrooks, A.-Pooh weather or not
Patterson, J., Ledwidge, M.-Burn
Roth, V.-Divergent
Shakespeare, W.-The tragedy of Romeo…
Chevalier, T.-Falling angels
Rollins, J.-The judas strain
Lagercrantz, D.-The girl in the spider’s web
Austen, J.-Persuasion
White, W. R.-Night vision
Conner, M. L.-Learn more now: 10 simple
King, S., Chizmar, R.-Gwendy’s button box
Kootz, D.-The key to midnight
Kootz, D.-The face
Anne of Green Gables
Tan, A.-The bonesetter’s daughter
Hart, J.-The last child

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