As of 2017 October the new received books of “The city Central Library after Av. Isahakyan”.

In this section you can get to know the schedule of new received books. Beforehand call phone by this phone number (+374 10)56-13-83 for ordering the book.

Srapian,R.K.-Dizionario italiano-armeno
Greisbard,L.-Corso d’italiano
Stussi,A.-Introduzione agli studi di filolo…
Success with House Plants
Davidson,W.-The Houseplant Sirvival…
Yangsook Choi-The Name Jar
Williams,M.-The Velveteen Rabbit
Steig,W.-The Toy Brother
Spires,A.-The Most Magnificent thing
DiPucchio,K.-Everyone Loves Bacon
Snyder,D.-The Boy of the 3-year nap
Broadbent,N.D.-Lapps and Labyrinths
Gharibian,J.H.-Armenian Journalism
Koundakjian,A.C.-The Repression of Arm..

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