As of 2019 July the new received books of “The city Central Library after Av. Isahakyan”.

In this section you can get to know the schedule of new received books. Beforehand call phone by this phone number (+374 10)56-13-83 for ordering the book.

Galvin,B.-Foundations of GMAT Logic 1
Galvin,B.-Arithmetic 2
Galvin,B.-Critical Reasoning 3
Galvin,B.-Algebra 4
Galvin,B.-Sentence Correction 5
Galvin,B.-Geometry 6
Galvin,B.-Reading Comprehension 7
Galvin,B.-Data Sufficiency 8
Galvin,B.-Advanced Verbal Strategy 9
Galvin,B.-Statistics and Combinatorics 10
Galvin,B.-Word Problems 11
Galvin,B.-AWA and Integrated Reasoning 12
Leninakan… Gyumri…
Oda: Ort der Augen 2/2011
Oda: Ort der Augen 2/2016
Geschichte Litauens
Domscheit,M.-Rogier van der Weyden
Nutzmann,H.-Andrea Mantegna
Kaspar,P.-Schaffhausen Stadtportrat
Kotzebue,O.-Poetry Dialogue
Weber,Th.-Hand und Geist
Wolf,F.-Marchen und Tiergeschichten
Eckart,B.-Meine Erlebnisse in URFA
Pilikian,H.-The Sea Scene on my Mother’s..
Toumanian,H.-Selected Works
Bennett,A.-The Old Wives’ Tale
Jonson,B.-Two Comedies
Grahame,K.-The Wind in the Willows
London,J.-The Call of the Wild
Shaw,B.-…a Fearless Champain of the Truth
Dreiser,Th.-Life, Art and America
Galsworthy,J.-The Forsyte Saga B.1.
Galsworthy,J.-The Forsyte Saga B.2.
Galsworthy,J.-The Forsyte Saga B.3.
Galsworthy,J.-A Modern Comedy B.1.
Galsworthy,J.-A Modern Comedy B.2.
Galsworthy,J.-A Modern Comedy B.3.
Australian Short Stories
The Earth Speaks
Kent,R.-It’s me o Lord
Bragg,M.-The Hired Man
Ohanyan,H.-Water as a Symbol of Spiritual...
Alepian,R.-Faith in Action
Armenian Cinema 1924-2008
Végh,J.-16th century German Panel Paintings
Kojababian,G.-The Conversion of Arme…
Babian,G.-The Invention of the Armenian…
Wiseman,B.-Morris and Boris at the Circus
Tolstoy,A.-The Fox and the Thrush
Nosov,N.-Dunno tells of his Adventures
Nosov,N.-Bendum and Twistum go to Kite…
An Anthology of Armenian Poetry V.1.+1CD
Wilde,O.-Selections V.1.
Wilde,O.-Selections V.2.

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