As of 2019 October the new received books of “The city Central Library after Av. Isahakyan”.

In this section you can get to know the schedule of new received books. Beforehand call phone by this phone number (+374 10)56-13-83 for ordering the book.

Toumanian,H.-The Bard of Loree
Fitzgerald,S.-Tender is the Night
The Tretyakov Gallery
Gift from the Storm and Other Stories of…
Puzo,M.-The Godfather
Wiggin,K.-Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Doyle,A.-Classic Adventures of Sherlock…
Austen,J.-Pride and Prejudice
Greene,R.-The Laws of Human Nature
Xi Jinping-The Governance of China
Buderi,Ch.-The Iran-UAE gulf … Vol.29.
Issahakian,Av.-Selected Works
Twain,M.-The Adventures of Tom Sawyer...
Dreiser,Th.-The Financier
Herouni,P.-Armenians and Old Armenia
Blbulyan,J.-Eternity CD
Map of Salvation DVD
Wandering: a rock-opera DVD
Li Mi Conjecture DVD
Thei-go King and his Son DVD
Country Wedding DVD
Ancient Folk Buildings in Huizhou DVD
The Theater Fans DVD
The Last Headwoman DVD
Where is my Home? DVD
Mkhitarian,Y.-Basic English
The Murals of the Parliament Building
The Architectural History of the Hunga…
A Walk in the Library Palace
Kuwaiti-Polish Archaeological Investiga…
Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dic...
Gevorgyan,L.-You were Deaf to me
Kuwaiti-French Expedition in Failaka
Baghdasarian,E.-A Military History of the…
Moccia,F.-Perdona sit e llamo Amor 1180
Franco,J.-Manuscrit de Mossén Gerra 7
Kemp,T.-La Revolución industrial en la…
Ziegesar,C.-Tú Sabes que me Adores
Verne,J.-Los Quinientos Millones de la…
Cervantes,M.-El Caballero don Quijote
Lienas,G.-El Diari Vermell de la Carlota 233
Sutcliff,R.-Las Aventuras de Ulises 2
Sanjuán,E.-El Pirata Carapatata
Urcaray,A.-El Somni de Marc Chagall
Burgo,J.-El Ocaso de los Falsarios
Monasterio de San Lorenzo el Real de el…
Palacio Real de Madrid
La Catedral de Toledo
Todo Madrid 1
Toledo:… su Arte, … su Historia

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