As of 2019 March the new received books of “The city Central Library after Av. Isahakyan”.

In this section you can get to know the schedule of new received books. Beforehand call phone by this phone number (+374 10)56-13-83 for ordering the book.

Tiernan,C.-Le Bûcher
Ochazukenori-Le Manoir de L’Horreur 6
La Chanson de Roland 1
Outline of U.S. History
An Early American Reader
Matlock,J.-Autopsy on an Empire
Phillips,J.-The Fourth Crusade and the …
Tocqueville,A.-The Old Régime and the…
Toffler,A.-The Third Wave
Habits of the Heart
Norton,B.-Why Preserve Natural Variety?
Suny,R.-Looking Toward Ararat
Chahin,M.-The Kingdom of Armenia
Frye,T.-Brokers and Bureaucrats
Galbraith,J.-A Life in Our Times
Conan,J.-109 East Palace
Watts,Sh.-Epidemics and History
Links Across Time and Place
Malkoç,A.-Easy Plays in English
The Myth of Islamic Tolerance
Biology and Biomechanics of the Trauma…
Alderman,E.-The Right to Privacy
Bloom,H.-The Western Canon
Freeman,D.-G.Washington:a biography V.5.
Freeman,D.-G.Washington:a biography V.7.
Genovese,E.-Roll, Jordan, Roll
Garcia,G.M.-One Hundred Years of Soli…
Great Issues in American History V.3.
Hofstadter,R.-The American Political…
Troyat,H.-Les Ailes du Diable
Troyat,H.-La Neige en Deuil
Easterman,D.-La Nuit de L’Apocalypse
Easterman,D.-La Nuit du 7e Jour
Easterman,D.-Le Masque du Jaguar
Quine,C.-Alice et le Chandelier
Farley,S.-Ébène, Fils de L’Étalon Noir
Camiglieri,L.-Contes et Légendes des Che…
Tite-Live-Histoire Romaine livre 1
Vigan,D.-No et Moi
Hutton,S.-Le Complot
Clarey,E.-Pronunciation Exercises in English
The Central Nervous System and Behavior
Bechman,L.-Fundamental Considerations …
Agabian,N.-Me as Her Again
Baibourtian,V.-International Trade and the…
Chorbajian,L.-The Caucasian Knot
Huntington,S.-The Third Wave
James,P.-A Mind to Murder
The Supreme Court of the United States
Peroomian,R.-And Those who Continued…

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