About Us

    The main role of the Information and Reference Department is to help the readers to find a necessary information and/or reference, as well as create a unified system of information and reference for City Central Library and its branches.
   The Information and Reference Department is also in charge of:
      • The creation of archives of references,
      • Dissemination of library-bibliographical knowledge among different reader groups,
      • Management of information and reference guidebooks ,
      • Making catalogue of newspapers and magazines, geological and special catalogues supplemented with analytical-descriptive maps of the necessary articles
      • Informative and professional consulting, practical support for the Central Library and its branches
      The department realizes such activities as making:
   • A bibliographical list under the headline “City Central Library after Av. Isahakayan in the press”
      • Literature themed quiz-game questionnaires on the official Facebook page of Isahakyan City Central Library
      • A calendar of anniversaries and memorable events
      • Book exhibitions dedicated to a certain person or topic

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