The Functions of “BRITISH CENTRE” of City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan

What is the British Centre?
   On April 25 2008 the British Council and Yerevan Yerevan City Municipality established the "British Centre". The Centre is located at the City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan. It features a collection of literature, multimedia resources and interactive materials for learning and teaching British English.
  The “British Centre” provides a great range of information about the history, culture, literature and other fields of the United Kingdom. It offers free membership to everyone who is interested in studying British English, developing new skills in teaching British English as a foreign language, preparing for the IELTS examination of worldwide universities and learning more about the United Kingdom. Readers can borrow books, make use of interactive online software installed on the workstations of the Centre, use the resources to prepare for the IELTS, BEC, CAP, CPE exams, use the Internet access service.

  Public events
  In order to improve readers’ British English language skills, provide knowledge   related to new and different areas, disseminate information about the the British   education system, culture, history, and other areas, the British Centre organizes free   lectures in British English, meetings and discussions, movies screenings, British English training courses, and clubs .

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