First stage of game - competition

    On February 21, within the framework of the program "International Mother Language Day",at the City Central library after Av. Isahakyan took place the first stage of a game-competition dedicated to the Mother language. No. 15 l/b named after Kh. Gyulnazaryan of the City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan entitled "MASHTOTS", No. 33 l/b named after L. Motalova entitled "Armat",No.28 l/b named after S. Vahuni entitled "Partev",Technical literature department "Haykazuniner" and Children's literature department team "VARDANANKTSINER".Actress Gayane Samvelyan hosted the event, presented the rules of the game-competition and the composition of the professional committee.All participating teams had prepared at a high level.During the first round of the game competition the "HAYAZUNINER" team of the Technical Literature Department was declared the winner and entered the final round.The rest of the teams received certificates of participation in the game-competition.

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