on June 24,at the City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan took place the presentation of a two-volume memoir entitled "Legal World in the Complex Knots of Life."by Albert Margaryan, a long-term employee of the RA Prosecutor's Office, 3rd Class State Adviser on Justice.The book presents some details of the author's personal life and various analyzes of 36 years of rich work.The 25 best years of his life, devoted to the complex and creative work of an investigator, 20 years of which , especially as an investigator in important cases, the author, guided by the well-known unwritten rule "what is not forbidden, then allowed", often used innovations and tricks, which are not intended, as a result of which they have revealed and logically completed many serious crimes.The director of the City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan, Honored Cultural Worker of the Republic of Armenia Hasmik Karapetyan made an opening speech.Linguist, professor Lalik Khachatryan, Nadya Antonyan, representative of the RA Prosecutor's Office, RA General of Justice Tigran Sargsyan, writer, publicist Vrezh Sarukhanyan, the editor of the book,professor Tereza Shahverdyan and others talked about the author's path and the presented book.
Patrick Artem, a longtime friend of the author, joined the event via video call from the USA. The audience listened to excerpts from the book by actress Gayane Samvelyan.

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