On June 15,at the hall of the City Central library after Av. Isahakyan together with the libraries of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia took place an online event dedicated to state symbols. The day of the event wasn't chosen by chance: June 15 is the day of the national flag of the Republic of Armenia. Each participant of the online event presented the official symbols of their state. The Isahakyan Library was present at the event with a video film dedicated to State symbols.The Isahakyan Library presented a video film dedicated to State symbols, where pupils of Yerevan Basic school number 55 named after A. P. Chekhov told about the flags and anthem of the Republic of Armenia. During the online meeting, the children of Yerevan, Brest, Petropavlovsk and Nefteyugansk made online a "Friendship wreath" with colored papers and high school pupils made a wreath with a 3D pen and 3D printer. The children liked the creative process using the latest technologies. At the end of the event, the full version of the film "Symbols of Armenia" was shown in the hall of the library.

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