On July 1, at the City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan took place a meeting with Mark Aren and his book's presentation entitled "987". The book was published by Bookinist Publishing House, which also organized a books' exhibition-sale.
The"987" is the 7th book translated into Armenian by Mark Aren (Karen Margaryan).In the book the author depicts the adoption of Christianity in Kievan Rus during the reign of Prince Vladimir.The prince, marrying with the Armenian emperor Barsegh II and Constantin VIII's sister Anna, accepts Christianity.
Real historical events served as the basis for the novel.The director of the City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan, Honored Cultural Worker of the Republic of Armenia Hasmik Karapetyan and the director of the "Bookinist" publishing house Khachik Vardanyan made speeches.The author kindly answered the questions raised by the readers and presented his concerns, feelings and his philosophical state of mind. Journalist Aelita Chilingaryan led the event and provided an active discussion.

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