I'm a Bulgarian by heart, an Armenian by soul...
I feel cosmic power in Armenia and Artsakh ...
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On January 30, the City Central Isahakyan Library held a meeting with the Bulgarian director, filmmaker and journalist, member of the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Armenia and Bulgaria, Colonel of the Artsakh Republic Defense Army TsvetanaPaskaleva dedicated to her 60th birthday and the formation of the Armenian Army.
Hasmik Karapetyan, Director of City Central Isahakyanlibrary, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Armeniamade an opening speech.She sent a warm congratulatory message and a heartfelt thank you to Paskaleva, calling her "Daughter of Armenia".
Commander of Anahit detachment Anahit Martirosyan, Chief Specialist of the Defense Policy Department of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, Lieutenant Colonel Nona Poghosyan, radio journalist, publicist Gohar Martikyan, Lieutenant Colonel Sargis Stepanyan, poet, writer, publicist, public figure RuzanAsatryan, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Artsakh Republic AshotMelyan, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Artsakh Republic AshotMelyan, public and political figure, writer, publicist Eduard Khachikyan, April war hero SasunMkrtchyan's mother Narine Kirakosyan completed TsvetanaPaskaleva'sphilanthropist and humanistmisiion.
The speakers expressed their deepest respect and gratitude to Paskaleva's noble dedication to peace, justice and the documentation of the Armenian heroism.
Songwriter, participant of the Artsakh war, soul singer of the Armenian culture GusanHaykazuni, readings by actress, host Gayane Samvelyan, patriotic videos surrounded the atmosphere with a warm spirit. Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Armenia VencislavKhristov attended the event.
TsvetanaPaskaleva expressed her deep gratitude to the library management and the participants of the event.
The event was a spiritual tribute to the glorious Armenian Army, TsvetanaPaskaleva, the immortal Armenian heroes, the friendship of the Armenian and Bulgarian peoples, and a powerful tributeto peace and heroism.

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