On May 23,in the City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan cooperative with "Miniature painting art center" foundation, it took place children's miniature exhibition titled: " Alphabet of Independence" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia". The guests of the exhibition were the pupils from "Tuntunik" Children's Development Center.The opening of the ceremony began with Prayer.Then Tatev Sukiasyan, the head of the Armenian Alphabet project, made a presentation. The director of the Armenian Miniature Center Armen Ohanyan, the deputy director of the City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan Ruzanna Barseghyan welcomed the participants. The aim of the center is to make children more accessible to Armenian miniature painting and to turn their leisure time into teaching.During the event the children performed by musical and dance performances.At the end of the exhibition children received certificates for participation.

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