On December 10, the City Central Library in association with “Tir-Ar Travel” organized a meeting with ASALA (Armée secrète arménienne de libération de l'Arménie') veteran, commander of VAN operation, Vazgen Sislyan. The host of the event was historian, writer, public speaker, the director of “Tir-Ar Travel” Vahe Lorents. Together with Gevorg Yazjyan, they spoke about the devotion of Vazgen Sargsyan, Hakob Julfayan and all the other legendary soldiers, accomplishments of their glorious past and the historical role of their work in strengthening the Armenian identity. The speakers underlined the importance of acknowledgement by the public and the government. The historic, national message from Grigor Yanikyan, the godfather of Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia was played. Later the audience enjoyed a performance by singer Arsen Hambaryan. The man of the hour Vazgen Sislyan answered some questions from the audience. The closing speech was made by the director of the City Central Isahakyan library, Honorary worker of culture Hasmik Karapetyan. In her speech she emphasized the urgency of national empowerment. It is important to remind the new generation about the national identity, real heroes and heroic acts. “It’s the recognized identity that inspires the raise of national spirit. This favorable activity should be a concern of every family, society, school, university, culture and literature”,-said Hasmik Karapetyan.

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