On September 26 in the City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan took place a meeting with prose writer, publicist Alice Hovhannisyan and her books' presentation titled: "Raffi's Footprints" and "Most decent people and Crows". Actress Gayane Samvelyan made the opening speeches. Literary critic, translator, teacher, doctor of philology Petros Demirchyan; prose writer, literary critic, philologist, honored worker of culture of Armenia Norayr Adalyan; Literary critic, Doctor of Philology, Professor Suren Danielyan; writer, literary critic, director of the house –museum of Derenik Demirchyan Karine Rafaelyan; writer, prose writer Hakob Palyan; poet, writer Nane warmly welcome Alis Hovhannisyan. Actresses Gayane Samvelyan and Taguhi Ghazaryan read some parts of Alise hovhannisyan’s works. Singer, composer Arsen Hambaryan welcomed the audience with musical performances. A grateful speech was made by Alise Hovhannisyan.

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