On August 1, the presentation of the book “That is it” took place at the City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan. The event was dedicated to the 85th anniversary of writer, playwright Zorayr Ghalapyan. The collection includes the author’s publications published in press as well as unpublished works. The book was published due to the efforts of Temik Khalapyan, the author’s brother, who selected and presented to the reader some manuscripts of Zorayr Khalapyan. The presentation began with the screening of a film about Zorayr Khalapyan, shot by "Yerevan" film studio. Temik Khalapyan; Ashot Gabrielyan, poet, editor of "Spring" magazine, editor of the book “That is it”; literary critic Yervand Ter-Khachatryan , ethnographer and folklorist Arusyak Sahakyan, writer and journalist Vrezh Sarukhanyan and others spoke about the writer's life and career and the content of the book.

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